I ndustrial Style is new to hit the popular wedding themes and it’s really taken off. It’s ideal for warehouse-style venues, with machinery beautifully let in the background or natural brick walls, such as the London Museum of Water and Steam. For this style we celebrate the use of corrugated iron, with metals, woods, glass and bricks, mixed in with fresh green herbs, plants and natural flowers. we can use wooden tables with metal legs, we can sit bricks in the middle of the table for height, decorated with tiny mismatched jars and bottles of herbs and flowers. An old ladder can be used as shelving to display the table plan and photographs.

Tiny jars of grab and go Pimm’s and lemonade can be served out of a big metal bucket. An old vintage tin dustbin can be filled with ice, chilling bottles of Champagne.

A selection of starters can go in the middle of the table ready to be grabbed, such as tiny jars of assorted salads, mini filled ciabattas, wrapper in brown paper and tied with string. Paper bags of Scotch quail’s eggs. Rustic homemade bread can be served in large tin cans. Little milk bottles of olive oils and vinegars to accompany.

The main course could be served in little metal oven dishes and a traditional Victorian-style menu such as wild boar and apple sausages, Dijon mash with onion gravy; or beef Wellington and dauphinoise potatoes; or steak and ale pie with Duchess potatoes.

This could be finished with sticky toffee or jam sponge and custard, baked in individual tins.

The ideas are endless.

We had a marvellous day – the food was fabulous, the service excellent, all the guests were delighted and the sun shone!


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