We at PenniBlack, know that its more than just amazing food, lovely professional staff and immaculate equipment that makes our events great, its the little touches that give the ‘wow’ factor and make it memorable. We spend our days brainstorming new ideas to achieve just that.
How can hot buffets not be boring stews? How can daily lunches not be dull and samey? How can we stick to your budget and still create ‘Wows’? How can we be really creative with our styling and presentation?
Our ideas kitchen page gives you some inspiration to help make your event unique. Any ideas or suggestions of your own? We would love to hear them, and work with you to make them transpire into something amazing!

Idea 1 – Themed Canape Platters and Buffet StationsIdea 1 – Themed Canape Platters and Buffet Stations

Why have a boring canapé platter when you could bring a little fun to the party with our themed platters? There’s a whole array of already made platters, but feel free to give us a challenge to fit your theme and we’re sure not to disappoint.

Idea 2 – Tantalising ToppingsIdea 2 – Tantalising Toppings

We believe that it's the toppings that truly add the wow to your buffets, and that's why we have created some amazing hot buffet menus with truly creative toppings, such as pork and cider stew with crispy crackling spears, fried sage and kale leaves, crispy roasted roots, or beef chilli topped with tacos, sour cream, lime guacamole, candied chilli, jalapenos, coriander, sour cream and grated Cheddar cheese.

Idea 3 – Food PairingsIdea 3 – Food Pairings

What better way to start your party on the right note, or to satisfy those late night hunger pangs, than having the most perfect food pairings presented to you on a platter? We love combining food and drinks from different countries, or cosy comfort foods that work through the seasons. We have so much fun with this theme and so will your guests. Any suggestions of your own? We'd love to hear them!

Idea 4 – Giant CheeseboardsIdea 4 – Giant Cheeseboards

'Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who in their mind would Diss a Brie.' Giant cheeseboards, cheese fondues, cheese canapes, layered cheese cakes. We love cheese!

Idea 5 – Industrial RevelationIdea 5 – Industrial Revelation

Industrial Style is new to hit the popular themes, and it's really taken off. It is ideal for warehouse venues, with natural brick walls, and old steel machinery lit up in the background. For this we celebrate the use of corrugated iron, with metals, woods, glass and bricks, mixed in with fresh green herbs, plants and natural flowers.

Idea 6 – Tiny DessertsIdea 6 – Tiny Desserts

Tiny Desserts – Perfect little pots of pleasure. Every mouthful is a little taste of heaven, and suits every event.

Stressed spelt backwards is desserts so turn pressure into pleasure!